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And with that, the archives of Mobius Adventures have all been uploaded.  All issues, animations, games, etc., are now available to view here on ComicFury.  In a way, I feel relieved to have everything together, complete, and in one place again.  Much of what you see has been offline since 2010, and just loafing in my archive files.  This is an important comic to me, very expressive of my creative range and filled with my trademark goofy humor.

Looking back and reading through everything again, I can see that I didn't hit my comfort level, both visually and story-wise, until Series 4.  1 through 3 are very experimental, you see a lot of different things and while some work quite well, there's a fair amount that misses the mark.  For one, there were too many characters in the cast with the classic Sonic cast included, and not everyone got the development nor the time they needed to stand out.  It's clear that from the beginning, I wanted to focus on my original characters, such as Taka, Saku, Ash, Red, etc., but my limited knowledge of spriting and graphic art at the time discouraged this approach.  Thus, I notice the focus shifting to classic Sonic characters perhaps more often than I wanted originally.  Series 3 began to move away from that, but there were so many characters to juggle at that point, that the Series was literally all over the place.  Series 4 felt more along the lines of my desired focus, but by that point character development should have been already done, thus you see lots of flashbacks and rushed "catch-up" development.

A few notes of what was going to happen in later Series:

Series 5: "Nexus Demons Unbound" was beginning early work at the time the comic was stopped, and would have seen the regeneration of Vile and his brotherhood.  They were to open a full portal to Nexus, leading to 7 Nexus Demon Lords entering Mobius.  This was to be a very action-heavy series, with a similar feel to Series 2.  Taka's sister Talia was to play a big part and become a major player in terms of combat.

Series 6: "Deep Purple" was plot-heavy with lots of escalation and situational development.  Rayne, Sigma's first creation, would have been revealed to be alive and Sakura's other half, having split into good and bad beings upon Sigma's attempted destruction of her.  Trance's brother House would join the cast and enlist the help of several of the characters to help him in a battle against one of Sigma's robotic minions, Ambient, on the northern continent.

Series 7: "War in the North" would have been a "road-series" with an adventure feel, focusing on Trance and House leading the battle in the north.  It would have also detailed Vile's time in captivity and his interactions with Rayne, after he was defeated and imprisoned by the heroes in Series 5.

Series 8: "Awakening" was a dark psychological thriller/action series leading up to the ending, dealing with a damaged Sigma returning and activating his hidden creations 4 & 5, Psyren and Havik, who cause major damage and give a very difficult physical and mental fight to the heroes.  It would end with the activation of Sig's final hidden creation 6, Necrond.

Series 9: "At the End of All Things" was literally the apocalypse, with Necrond destroying Sigma and disintegrating Mobius itself, killing almost everyone.  Only with the help and sacrifice of Vile is Necrond defeated and NeoMobius created. Note that the climax would have also seen the return of Takile, albeit in a "good" form, as Taka and Vile would have fused in a last attempt to turn the tide.

Series 10: "Those Who Fight Further..." was the conclusion and happy ending, wrapping up story threads and character pairs.  A fast-forward would have shown their children taking inspiration from them and forming the next generation of Mobian heroes.

So that wraps up all I have to say about this goofy little comic.  It helped immensely in improving my graphic art knowledge and interest, and motivated me to think out of my comfort box and try new things in terms of creativity.

by Gojitaka


So I've begun posting the archives for Mobius Adventures.  As we go along there will be some gaps which were filled with the animations and games.  The animations will be posted later on with their own archive page, as #20, #40, #60, #100, and #150 were never converted to Youtube and thus have been unavailable since Necropolis Zone went down.  #200, #250, #300, and #350 are still available on Youtube, as are the Series music videos.  The games, as buggy and unfinished as they were, will also be posted as soon as I find a host for them.  I will also be posting what would have been Series 4's concluding video game, which got to be fairly decent btw, which was mostly completed by the time Mobius Adventures was discontinued, but was never released.

Stay tuned for more! Lots to come!

by Gojitaka